My story

I’ve become a very excitable shop owner, my hobby that made me smile every time someone thanked me for a hand made gift, made made me giggle inside !! Now I have taken the challenge to make these beautiful sweet / calming / moisturising healing products that I love making and sell them at affordable prices with a infusion of quality oils giving people maximum luxury for there money so you feel you are being rewarded, loved, cared for, & valued 💡 I think of you first and your time! like the moisturising melts you take in the bath or shower with you ! They activate with heat and a little water, massage into your skin, avoiding eyes, and when you get out, simply pat dry 💡 time saver !! How often I would forget when I got out of the bath or was to tired i didn’t moisturise I don’t no!! now I take one in every time.
I wake up looking forward to working each day and my head is always alive and buzzing with new ideas 💡 and ways to enhance the bath or shower products.
I love sharing new healthy tips I find on body mind matters and sometimes I see if I can make them better versions, I share these on my Facebook or YouTube channel, though I’m not a fan of talking on videos I have excepted the challenge and made a few phew, lol come along and see my Facebook page and say hi
Or watch a quirky video on my YouTube Chicabonitabeauty
Thanks for looking and any feedback would be amazing 😉