Forgiveness happiness passion 

I read someone’s blog about passion forgiveness happiness And this all blends into what I do and why I do it ! I make Hand Made Bathbombs salts perfumes aftershaves ! 

before I found out I could make Bathbombs salts perfumes aftershaves I had not found my passion, I plodded along like everyone else seeking what i was missing and it’s true if you don’t have passion then it will fail or you quit ! I love making these beautiful things and I will tell you why ! It’s more than making something someone will love or money it’s a tool I used to forget other things well that’s how it started anyway, so I used to be a glass half full kind of girl but then I found someone I fell in love with and he abused my trust so every year something new would come up and then a year ago I felt the knock out blow (this was the biggest thing he did to hurt me) but decided to try and get past it but it was torture, then I discovered a Bathbomb page and read all about it I ordered a few things and tried it, this went on from there. 

I devoted my thoughts to only this, I stopped thinking about everything! he had done so in my eyes it was working but when I took a night off from it my mind would wonder and I would think about how hurt I was. Please stop me now if this makes no sence lol but I have read looked up watched videos about what I can make I’ve looked for packets glass bottles pretty bottles ties ropes ,,, whatever I needed to make the perfect gift so I could forget., thinking and I would get over it once I finished making everything I could and giving myself time to heal! 

 I had in the long run neglected him also during this time but in my eyes I was so good to him before last year it wouldn’t make a difference and I didn’t have a clue what way to turn, I loved him but didn’t think he was my best friend in fact I thought he was my enemy. What I didn’t see was a change in him he put on weight he was so quiet we hadn’t laughed and he made it impossible to go out together so we just lived ! It came to a end when I seen something that was from last year I didn’t no about and he moved out I thought my passion would go with that but it hasn’t I still love making these gifts ! I love him dearly and wish I was still with him but he decided he didn’t want that so now I’m sat in the sun feeling still low and lost but I still have my passion, I did forgive but forgetting was hard as I wasn’t really healing I was just not thinking about it, I think it’s like greff you have to run through the stages to be able to heal ! I wasn’t happy I had been hurt but I still loved him so much and now I’m left to heal again after my loss. So what should I do ? Feeling lost is part of life but I wish I could stick my head into the Bathbombs and forget about him. Even though I have laid bare my soul he still plays with my heart strings so I have tried to just be silent so I can think before I go and move away I am letting myself grieve and still allow my passion to flourish ! 

From the beginning to the end I loved this man  


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