Alice in wonderland Bathbombs 

Good morning afternoon evening ! 

Well do you remember me saying I was inspired? Yes ? Good ! 

Well it has been a mind battle thinking up a unique way to honour my young artist friend to best fit her amazing talent 🤗

I wanted to challenge myself with a a new product to try out or put it together in a unusual way pfft this was more difficult than I wanted it to be 🤔 

I ended up deciding to try coconut milk powder as it has been reported to make bubbles in the bath 🛀 well it smells amazing felt like coconut and has been the Bain of my existence!!! lol I made my bombs the way I usually do but this stuff just crumbled and got dusty on the surface I tried less and less in the mixture until I found the way to use it to stay solid gosh what a nightmare lol 

I thought about Alice in wonderland falling down the rabbit hole (as it’s easter) (rabbits) !! and as I was about half way through this young lady asked me to make her a bathbomb Alice in wonderlandy lol we must of been mind synced !!! So I made some heart Colourful bombs and coated them in my coconut bathbomb mixture of white and a off white / pinky as some took a lot of effort to get right lol 

But I finally finished and my work shop / house is back to normality after the chaos of all these products and Bathbombs packets bombs shredded paper tissue and what ever else I thought I needed covered every table with notes and postits everywhere as I needed to make enough to last at least a week phew I must say it was a challenge but I hope you love my hard work 😓 


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