shanti Ardley young Australian artist 

Bath bombs Bathbombs bath bombs I love Bathbombs 

I’m always on the look out for inspiration and this leads me into a lot of unusual places sometimes I find things happen out of the blue. Like yesterday I glazed over posts in Facebook like we all do and a young artist was taking requests to practice her art 🙂 well I didn’t really have anything specific in mind but seeming I am in heaven making bath bombs for a living …. oh yes I make them ! I no it’s a real job and everything !!!! Hehehee I chirped in ( ummm what about a young woman with a bathbomb in her hand maybe sat on the edge of a bath ohhh and bunny slippers ) well as you can imagine there were a few comments and questions before mine so I held no hope of my request actually being made … then bam ! There she is in pencil before my eyes !!! I literally fell off my chair then got back up again and couldn’t stop thanking her !!! I do not no what came over me it felt like if I had a girl child that is what she would look like 🤗 I wanted to adopt her and shanti just for drawing my ChicaBoniTa (beautiful girl) 

It didn’t end there … I had decided to use this adrenaline rush to climb a mountain and hang off a cliff when I felt the beep of a message and took a quick look as you do when your hanging from a cliff and she had brought the ChicaBoniTa girl to life with colour hehehhee gladly I didn’t fall but there was a moment of life and death from bitter cold on my hands so needed to put my grip gloves back on phew that was close 😁 

I love talent and shanti ardley has it in leaps and bounds (how amazing is this ChicaBoniTa (beautiful girl) i love my bathbomb super girl 

Thank you shanti ardley your a true artist and super star ⭐️ ❤️


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  1. Nicci says:

    OH MY GOD….this is my beautiful daughter you are promoting and i am so very grateful that you have taken the time to acknowledge her talent….thank you thank you!!!

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    1. Awww she is amazing 😄 she’s so talented she needs to start selling her art 😄❤️ I fell in love with that drawing as soon as I seen it ⭐️ I thank her from the bottom of my heart for drawing that ChicaBoniTa girl 😁❤️


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