Pomegranate Bath bombs

I loved making these ! They were lush ! Li feel like a pure genius …. Let me tell you all about it …

❤ Time to relax put the work down and let your subconscious give you the inspiration your looking for.


Pomegranate almond oil juniver grapeseed hibiscus apple black currant apple ginger oil citric acid made from fruit bicarbonate of soda goats milk vit E

how will this help me ? 

Milk baths contain lactic acid which:
* Gently exfoliates away dead skin cells.
* Softens and smooths rough patches.
* Accelerates skin cell renewal.
* Tones and tightens the skin.

How do I use this ?

Slip one in the bath while hot and the oils will infuse wth the water and then your skin, as it is washing over you your skin will feel luxurious nurrished and soft skin

Why is this so special ?

Hand made with 100% natural ingredients with love by me ! Christelle !!


TIf you have dry skin patches or itchy skin i would recommend a bath melt to accompany this product for direct moisturiser that can be used on all areas of skin ⭐️😄

You can order online through etsy or just come and say hi on Facebook 😊


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