Pomegranate Bath bombs

Time to relax so put down whatever u are doing and let your subconscious give you some inspiration

Jam jar goodies 

I had a lot of fun today adding my gawjus jam jar gifts with perfume to make sure you get it right when buying a gift always add perfume ❤️🤗

Forgiveness happiness passion 

I read someone’s blog about passion forgiveness happiness And this all blends into what I do and why I do it ! I make Hand Made Bathbombs salts perfumes aftershaves !  before I found out I could make Bathbombs salts perfumes aftershaves I had not found my passion, I plodded along like everyone else seeking…

Womens perfume 

There are things in life that I love ..  1 Hawaii  2 making things 3 perfume  Mix them together and what do you get ?  A Gawjus perfume full of flavour and these amazing perfume bottles are perfect to do them in I will update as I go  Well I have made these perfumes I…