Pomegranate Bath bombs

Time to relax so put down whatever u are doing and let your subconscious give you some inspiration

Jam jar goodies 

I had a lot of fun today adding my gawjus jam jar gifts with perfume to make sure you get it right when buying a gift always add perfume ❤️🤗

Forgiveness happiness passion 

I read someone’s blog about passion forgiveness happiness And this all blends into what I do and why I do it ! I make Hand Made Bathbombs salts perfumes aftershaves !  before I found out I could make Bathbombs salts perfumes aftershaves I had not found my passion, I plodded along like everyone else seeking…

Womens perfume 

There are things in life that I love ..  1 Hawaii  2 making things 3 perfume  Mix them together and what do you get ?  A Gawjus perfume full of flavour and these amazing perfume bottles are perfect to do them in I will update as I go  Well I have made these perfumes I…

shanti Ardley young Australian artist 

Bath bombs Bathbombs bath bombs I love Bathbombs  I’m always on the look out for inspiration and this leads me into a lot of unusual places sometimes I find things happen out of the blue. Like yesterday I glazed over posts in Facebook like we all do and a young artist was taking requests to…

Bath salt not so boring any more ! 

I have never looked at bath salt as something I would enjoy as you put it in and dissolves in the water it seemed like I wanted a magic show or a crackle so I new it was doing something. Well I decided to have some creative thinking about this topic and this is what I came up with ! Black bath salt … other colours coming soon lol apart from all the benefits this will give you, your bath water will turn black dadaaaaaa !

Unique moisturiser melts that kiss your skin 

Moisturiser melts time savers are unique gifts that anyone will love, can be used every day or while on holiday if you feel you have caught a little to much sun ☀️ dry skin issues, or simply love your skin.